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Why we are the best Appointment Setting service provider?

Located in South Asia: We are from Bangladesh, Asia. All of our Representative and Agents are Highly Qualified, Experienced and Fluent English Speaker. We can effectively address the concerns of your prospective customers and explain the norms of their field.

We Don’t Hire Outside: Contractors like a lot of other lead generation companies do. We train and employ all of our sales representatives in-house at 360-Supports. We’re confident that you’ll find that our model helps you out more.

Our Sales Representatives: On average, are between the ages of 18 and 35, so they have plenty of experience in the field. They are adept at networking with influential people.

Our Expertise: 360-Supports is extremely flexible, as we are able to generate leads for B2B & B2C sales of hundreds of different types of products, service and solution for large accounts.

B2B & B2C Appointment Setting Service

Companies like 360-Supports appointment setting service analyze the sales cycle to develop a plan for introducing qualified leads to the sales process. B2B appointment setters, in contrast to sales representatives, who must often work doggedly to convert leads into buyers, are pros at managing the sales cycle. This is one key area where in-house sales teams and the lead generation procedure naturally diverge from one another. Putting your company’s internal resources toward unqualified leads is a waste of the expertise you’ve built up.


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We do care networking your clients with your company’s salesperson. For that, we generate awareness. Drag them in webinars, events, get-togethers. Aftermath, we concur what to promote including your products and services. Consequently, we establish your brand value. Ensuring punctual reminders for meetings. Concluding follow-up for upcoming deals and events.

How we’re different?


Effective marketing communications and messages


Optimal Distribution Method

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Effective call and Call scripts that work

  • Use data
  • Target the right B2B & B2C decison makers
  • Set right questions
  • Set appointment with ready-to-buy prospects
  • Volume and automation of calls
  • Ensure targeted leads
  • Commitment
  • Processes to get results


Purchase triggers

Purchase Triggers

The maiden step is to get a prospect list. This list should be filtered on specific criteria such as vertical market, procurements, yearly revenue and timeframe of prospect and other relevant criteria that reflects your ideal prospect.



Majority of marketing lists needs a certain amount of filtering. It’s the process of verifying the authenticity of list and information it contains by calling it. Ultimate goal is to get MQL(Marketing Qualified Leads) which improves return of invest.

Marketing Material sending

Marketing material sending

Campaigns should be conducted to impress prospective clients. Print and electronic measures could be taken. Apart from it, the goal is to trigger the interest or curiosity and prepare the prospect to get a call from appointment fixer.

Follow up on appointment

Follow up conversations

Building a relationship with client leaves great importance . While the prospect receives the receipt of marketing materials(e.g. poster, Ad, messages etc.), the appointment fixer can deliver that call script.

Set up meeting

Set up meeting

Our expert telemarketing agents can fix up client’s suitable hours to connect them with salesperson so that both sides are pleased with their expected service oriented dealings.

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Follow up on appointment

360-supports can effectively keep the follow ups regularly on each and every appointments so that no stone stays unturned and increase the client retention ratio.

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